Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts That’ll Have Them Saying ‘YES!’

It’s finally time to ask your besties to stand at your side on your special day as you say ‘I do’ to the love of your life, but you don’t want to just ask them. You want to add a little spice, make it special, and maybe even give them some goodies that’ll help them get ready on the big day! You’re in luck - we’ve gathered 6 gift ideas to help you build the best bridesmaid proposal. Extra feel good vibes: all products featured in this gift guide are from small businesses located in Canada or the US.

Personalized Jewellery

Personalized jewellery can make a great unique gift for each of your bridesmaids to let them know you were thinking specifically of them. These Personalized Initial Letter Dainty Necklaces from Opalani Jewlery are simple enough for everyday wear, but are also elegant enough to be worn on the big day for some cute photo opportunities.

Jewellery Dish

Keep that personalized jewellery safe with a jewellery dish that can be used for years to come and it sure to be appreciated by all of your bridesmaids. This simple Jewellery Dish from Woven Handmade is locally made in Ontario, Canada and is sure to be a hit!

Bath Soak

Wedding preparations can be hectic for everyone involved, so make sure your bridesmaids can unwind with some soothing bath soaks. This ZEN Bath Soak from Bloom Body Co. is sure to keep your squad feeling calm and refreshed.

Sleep Mask & Scrunchie Set

A sleep mask and scrunchie set is sure to make your bridesmaids feel pampered and rested before the big day. These Dream On Sleep Mask & Scrunchie Sets from Sasspot Creations look absolutely dreamy and come in multiple colors and patterns so you can even match your wedding palette!

Lip Balm

Add a little bit of extra pampering with a cute lip balm. Our vanilla flavored I Couldn’t Say I Do Without You lip balm will keep your bridesmaids’ lips feeling moisturized and remind them that you’d couldn’t do this without them.


A sweet treat to make your bridesmaids feel extra special. An artisan chocolate bar like this Adioesmac 70% from McGuire Chocolate Company not only sounds delicious, but it’s also made in small batches with cacao grown by small farmers/profit sharing co-ops. Besides, everyone likes surprise chocolate, right? 

No matter what you get for your bridesmaids proposals, it’s sure to make them feel special just because it came from you! But we hope this gift guide helps to brainstorm some proposal gifts that will leave them just as excited as they are for your wedding!