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🎉 Our natural lip balms, like all your favorites, focus on delivering a luxurious and delightful lip care experience.

🫶 We've crafted them with care and dedication to offer a rich and creamy formula with delightful dessert flavors, meant to bring a touch of indulgence to your everyday routine.

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May Cause Unexpected Happiness

100% Natural Ingredients

Our lip balms are made with cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax and vitamin E. And those delicious flavors? You guessed it - they're all natural too!

Made With Love in Canada

We're a family owned business located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada and 100% dedicated to put a little joy in your life with every lip balm we send out into the world.

Kiss Boring Lip Balm Goodbye!

With dozens of delicious flavors to choose from (including those of your childhood) - you're sure to find something you'll love!


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What Our Customers Are Saying

Based on 4181 reviews

The scent is such a nice blend of coffee and peppermint! The slight cooling effect is a plus too. These lip balms have become my go-to.


I don't have a flavour I don't like! These smell just as they say-- love this one.

Love them

Love these lip balms, so smooth, not sticky. Smells are delicious and nostalgic…and so much variety. Love shopping Canadian too.

Cherry Limeade Lip Balm
Nicole MacPherson
#1 for life

Favourite scent by far. So bright and sweet!

Candy Tart Lip Balm
Nicole MacPherson
6 stars if I could

Smells identical to sweet tarts! A smell that makes you happy

Banana Cream Pie Lip Balm
Nicole MacPherson

Just perfect in every way, flashbacks to the banana medicine in the best way possible

Maraschino Cherry Lip Balm
Nicole MacPherson

Oh. My. Effing. God!!! I could drink a gallon of this stuff it smells so good. Another fav for sure

Moon Mist Lip Balm
Nicole MacPherson

Smells just like the ice cream, A childhood favourite for sure!


Literally smells like heaven! Definitely one of my top 5’s

The only balm I’ll ever use.

Stumbled upon this brand on Facebook and I was NOT disappointed!! They all smell absolutely scrumptious and they’re extremely lightweight. Honestly won’t use another lip balm ever again, it’s worth every last penny!

Baume à lèvre exfoliant vanilla buttercream

Excellent baume à lèvre sent très bon et laisse les lèvres très douce.

Baume à lèvre Santa Chuckles

Excellent baume à lèvre très hydratant et sent très bon.

Daughter absolutely loves this one, the only thing that would make it better is if there was a little picture of Santa on it. Hehe!

Egg Nog Lip Balm
Tanya O’Donnell

This doesn’t smell 100% like egg nog to me, but I still love it so much! I keep going back to it!


This is amazing!! This is one of the first lip balms I have bought here. I didn't even know I needed this until it came in.


I love it. It's one of the first lip balms I have bought here, and it's amazing!!

Just the right amount of spice!

Raspberry Sorbet Lip Balm
Vanessa Bouchard

This one is so decadent! I love it! It is my second fave after cotton candy.

Egg Nog Lip Balm
Vanessa Bouchard

This one is quite nice. Almost the same scent profile as the vanilla chai, but more soft. I really like it!

My fave

We love Moon mist ice cream and this lip balm nailed it! Yum! This was my first order and they were even better than expected. So moisturizing. Can’t wait to give these for Christmas.


Got as a gift for my partner who needed a good lip balm to help protect his lips from the outside cold, and he enjoyed this!


Smells like a yummy mint chocolate, feels great on the lips!

Cherry Limeade Lip Balm
Krystal Pérez
Never stop making it please

Between this one and the Coconut, I will always have one in handy. Really good quality.

Peach Pie Lip Balm
Krystal Pérez

Like the smell. Really soft on the lips.


This lipbalm is absolutely great. The smell is good but the softness of my lips is really good. These balms are so worth it.