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All the right kind of fun flavors

Cute name

Love the name given to this lip balm and the fact that it is cotton candy flavored is even better!

Winter Wonderland

I slipped this one into my mum's Christmas stocking and it was an instant hit! The perfect flavour to keep wintery chapped lips hydrated!

Pocket-sized Pep Talks

I ordered a few of the self-love lip balms to give to my friends as a way to kick off another semester of online university and give them a pep talk from afar. They all loved them and thought the flavours were spot-on. I just ordered more to give to other friends!

Get your lips back to smoothness

My lips have been angry with this weather. So perfect timing this came in the mail. Gentle sugar scrub and moisturized back in smooth order! Love the flavour


SOOO GOOD. Such a nice flavour. Perfectly made.

Candy Tart
Wow just wow

Just got this in the mailbox this morning. Sooo excited. Tried it on..WOW. like whyyyyy did I not get candy tart sooner!?! LOVE IT. Smells amazing and of course love the feel and moisture for the lips! My new fave

Candy Cane Latte
Becky Applin
Love this!

I think this is one of my favourite flavors!

Kid Approved!

I bought this to go with my 4 year old's Christmas gifts (and a different one for my 8 year old!). It's hard to convince him that he is able to put it down to complete other tasks!! He loves his "lapstick"

Candy Apple
Tricia Ferris
Spring or fall favourite

I LOVE the smell if apples, and this lip balm is bang on. It's my go to in spring or fall (reminds me of the Annapolis Valley in NS).

Candy Tart
Tricia Ferris
My fav!

This is my favourite lip balm ever! My lips always dry up like shriveled grapes this time of year, but not with these lip balms! And this scent is amazing! I can't put my finger on it but it reminds me of something in my childhood. My husband loves it too!

I loved this scent! It really reminds me of Christmas

Sweet indeed

These scents are amazing, a sweet summer reminder in cold months!

Oh so soft

I've never used an exfoliating lipbalm before. I put this on at night and rub in all the granules. In the morning my lips feels soft and moisturized! The smell is makes you want to lick your lips (which you can)!

Candy Tart
Veronique Bevans
Love it!

Absolutely love my candy tart lip gloss. Goes on smoothly, smells great, and feels good on the lips. Love that it’s all natural! ❤️

Baume a Lèvres

J'adore ce baume a lèvres, il est crémeux et as un bon gout de banane et hydrate vraiment les lèvres, n'hésiter pas de le commander

Sugared Cranberry
Donna Noonan
Not cranberry but Strawberry Sundae!

I haven't tried the cranberry flavor yet. because I also purchased a mystery pack and I am currently enjoying the Strawberry Sundae! I LOVE it! Better then the name brand balms!

Good and nice smell

I got my first lip balm from them maybe 2 weeks ago now. I'm satisfied. The smell is nice. The packaging was also good and I enjoyed the extra information that came with it. I'm glad I bought it. My lips were quite chapped prior and my other stuff stopped working. My lips are doing better now. So it's a good product.


Amazing flavour....can’t wait to try other dessert flavours of this lip balm. Highly recommend! And great customer service

so good!

best lip exfoliator I've ever used!

Cotton Candy Ice Cream
Amanda Taylor
so good!

Love this flavour, so do my kids!


The smell is perfectly tropical, sweet and fruity and I'm in love

Candy Cane Bark
Karly White

I love this one!

Raspberry Latte
Tiffany Manstan

I love this one SO much. Hint of espresso and raspberry! Yum.

perfect for the night

love the smell and texture. i use it before i go to sleep :)