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Strawberry Sundae

Love this!!❤️🍓 smells exactly like strawberries and ice cream. Love how your lips feels so soft as well!!❤️🍓

So helpful!

No more purse digging! Such a great idea. Adorable print too

Surprise! It's deliciously great

Although it's not a surprise it's deliciously great, I loved not knowing which scent I would receive! Sugared cranberry is absolutely wonderful. It's the one I put in my lippy clip for easy access. Amazing tart but sweet scent and super smooth application! Love love love it

Just Peachy

I was worried there would be “too much” cinnamon, but this was the perfect blend of ripe summer peaches with a dash of cinnamon. I am a huge peach lover and this satisfied all my senses and keeps my lips feeling moisturized 🍑

Exfoliating lip balm

Smells and tastes so yummy! Keeping my lips kissably soft


It as great to pass these on to my vaccinated favourites! And they are were well appreciated, delicious and feel great, too!

Surprise Lip Balm

Like a cupcake without the calories

Vanilla Buttercream smells exactly like vanilla icing. Not a cheap, generic "vanilla", but a rich, creamy, decadent vanilla.

Cranberry surprise

My free surprise lippie was Sugared Cranberry from the Christmas collection. I had actually considered buying this one in December but chose something else instead (Strawberry Chocolate!!!) and now I'm very glad I made that decision. I like the Cranberry very much, nice and tart/sweet. Why are cranberries a Christmas thing, should be year round!

Sweet & Tart

The strawberry sweetness hits you first, then the tangy rhubarb, tastes like summer!

Lovely chapstick! Strawberry Rhubarb

It's a great chapstick. Very soft and not sticky or drying in any way.
I don't smell or taste rhubarb much but the strawberry part is very nice.

Sweet treat for the lips!

Smells great, feels great! Love it!

Who doesn't like a little mystery?

A fun addition to my order! Not a scent I would have picked on my own, but SURPRISE, turned out to be a new favourite.


Gentle lip scrub to exfoliate dry lips, moisturizing were you don't even need a lip balm after. This is almost a 2in 1. Scrub & lip balm. Lips nice & soft
Cotton candy is my favorite scent or anything that smells like it.

Birthday gift

Surprise balm was sugared cranberry. Nice, holiday scent that can be worn anytime of the year.

Lemon pie

If you love tart or lemon pie this is for you. Sweet & tart, creamy lip balm, makes lip soft & taste amazing.


Creamy,glides on lips, super tasty. If you love strawberry rhubarb pie than this is for you.

Good enough to eat

Raspberry lemonade lip balm is perfect for the summer. Sweet, soft and smells authentic.

Reminds me of summer and my Grandmother

My favourite pie is strawberry, rhubarb. My Grandmother would bake one for me every time I would visit in the summer. So I love the taste and smell of this lip balm. Sweet and leaves my lips soft at the same time.

As good as a peach

Peach pie lip balm is just like biting into a sweet peach. I love the peach scent and tastes just like peach pie! I smell peaches for awhile after using.

Lippy Clip

This was my first lippy clip! I love purple things so it caught my eye. I have it clipped to my black purse so I always have a lip balm with me. Perfect for spring and summer with pretty flowers.

Cranberry Heaven

I received a sugared cranberry lip balm as my free one. I love cranberries so this lip balm was good for me. Sweet with the authentic cranberry taste.

Vanilla is a fav!

Vanilla is my fav and I couldn’t decide which vanilla to try next. This bundle made it a no brainer, try them all!! Fast and eco friendly shipping and packaging.

It’s a good one!

I never know with grape flavours but thought I’d give this one a try and I’m not disappointed at all!! It’s a great one!


Got a surprise lip balm and I love it!! The sugared cranberry is really great!!!