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Welcome to the Team Treat Yourself Lounge!

Come on in, get comfy, browse our exclusive VIP flavors and vote on what you'd like to see us make next. Oh yeah, don't forget to help yourself to some of the free goodies - we only take them out when the good company comes over (that's you!)


In case you've missed our recent email, we've had to make some changes to the VIP Membership in order to make it a smoother experience for you.

After many technical difficulties with the automatic VIP discount, we have created a unique discount code just for you in place of the automatic discount to make sure that you can place orders quickly and efficiently with your discount applying properly.

You'll now need to use your unique code to receive your 20% off.

Since our system can only accept one discount code at a time, we'll also be sending you a Gift Card every so often so you don't miss out on those extra savings, the first of which was sent with your discount code!

Didn't receive an email with your discount code or just have a question? Let Erin know at

Break The Vault

We're letting you into the vault! Which of these delicious flavors should be the next VIP exclusive?


Make A Delish Wish

We have so many flavor ideas we can hardly try them all! Want to help us decide which one to make next?