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Love them all

Love all of them! Great flavors, moisturize and long lasting. Thank you!


Love it! Tastes just like a banana popsicle and keeps my lips moisturized.

I finally did it!!

Been wanting to try these for so long and finally bought a few. I absolutely loved them! They smell oh so freaking good and the formula’s really nice. My lips just one day started getting really dry and so far I’m loving how moisturized they feel using this product, not oily, greasy nor sticky. Even shared a few with my parents which they also loved. Btw, is it bad that I keep applying it, taking it off a few mins later and re applying just so I can keep smelling these? Anyways, these are a 10/10 for me, even the little card with the package I found cute. Thank you Mario for packing my order while air drumming to Foo Fighters lol

Great as always

I seriously love Eclair Lips products, and this one was no different. Smells exactly as described and makes me wish I had a cherry vanilla milkshake on hand to eat.


My husband didn't believe how accurate Eclair Lips' scents were until he smelled this one. It literally smells like I have a cherry coke in front of me. Love it so much, and am hoping for a Vanilla Cola flavor in the future!

Love it!

I had never heard of Moon Mist before but was intrigued by the description, so I got one. I love it. It smells especially of bubblegum and grape to me, with a hint of banana, but it's not overpowering at all. I wish they sold this ice cream flavor in the US!

Blueberry Crisp Lip Balm

Excellent baume à lèvre sent très bon très hydratant laisse mes lèvres vraiment douce.

Strawberry Sundae Lip Balm
Mélyssa Melwani
Strawberry Sundae Lip Balm

Excellent baume à lèvre sent très bon très hydratant laisse mes lèvres vraiment douce.

Vanilla Cake Batter
Mélyssa Melwani
Vanilla Cake Batter

Excellent baume à lèvre sent très bon et très hydratant il laisse mes lèvres vraiment douce.


Great variety of flavours and so long lasting on the lips! I feel joy every time I apply!

yummy <3

The scent is so nostalgic and the exfoliating itself gave me soft lips :)
First-time buyer but I would 100% buy more once it runs out <3

Favorite Flavor

Not overwhelmingly minty. Not artificial vanilla tasting. Flavor lasts a while. I’d tried the exfoliating in this flavor and needed the regular as well

Beautiful color

I hate makeup. As a 31 year old woman makeup and I just do not get along. I’ll maybe wear eyeliner and mascara. Now I have lips too! My lips are perpetually chapped so lipstick never looked right. This has been my saving grace

Too pink for me, not my niece!

I bought this along with Black Cherry Granita with the idea of giving 1 to my 11 year old niece. She’s not allowed to wear lipstick yet: this is just tinted lip balm! Loopholes: teach them young. She loves the flavor and color. Major aunt points scored!

Yummy and smooth

I am loving these lip balms! Can't wait to try some more!

Love love love

Smells so good and tastes yummy!

Spectacular tinted lip balm

I never tried tinted lip balm before but I may never go back! I love how this product glides on easily, has the perfect amount of color, and doesn’t stain. The smell and flavor are not strong, which is great and I’ve been reapplying with no issues (I hate strong smells and tastes). I would highly recommend for dry lips that need a bit of color!

Love This!

I absolutely love both this lip balm and Eclair lips as a whole. The lip balm is super exfoliating and smells amazing!


Goes on SO smoothly and smells exactly like the strawberry and cream Chupa Chups lollipops. Like, weirdly on point to the level where I want to see if I can get a hold of those now because the smell is making me crave them xD. 10/10.

It exfoliates really lovely and does smell very close to what it promises. Turns out I'm not the biggest fan of that scent but you live and you learn! It's exactly what it says on the tin and I'll still be using it until I run out because the exfoliation is spot on.

Smells lovely and the colour remains really nicely on the lips. It's not messy at all and still leaves my lips really moisturised after. Feels very nice even though I just wear it for fun.

I have not opened all of the flavors yet, but the Cherry Cola float is AMAZING! And the Pina Colada is absolutely INCREDIBLE! If it was available in regular chapstick too, I would have a hard time purchasing any other scent! Takes you straight to the beach! Such a fun bundle to get to try so many things all at once! I just love your company so very much! Thank you for being so great!

Just the greatest!

The lippy clip is just awesome! Sooo nice to now have one chapstick that can go with me EVERYWHERE and not get lost! And the print is sooo cute to boot!!

Need this scent in regular chapstick! :)

I am not the best with colored lips, but when I saw the word pomegranate, I knew and I had to try it and I was NOT disappointed!! Love the smell so very much!

Cherry Limeade Lip Balm
Vanessa Friend
Sooooo much better than Sonic!! :)

This scent is so on point! Love it and the texture! The lip balm lasts and feel like butter on my lips! AMAZING!!