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Bomb af lipbalm

I am absolutely in love with my order. Will be ordering more in the near future 🤩

Beaver Butts Lip Balm (Maple)
Chauncie Davenport
Better than expected!

I love the maple scent and, as always, the smooth feel of the Beaver Butts lip balm. But the best thing is the reaction I get when someone asks what I am using and I say "Beaver Butts by Eclais Lips". The looks are priceless!

Pina Colada Lip Balm
Angela Smith
I’m living my tropical 🏝️ dream with this lip balm

I never was a fan of piña colada, but something in me just said “try it” and it’s so delicious smelling and luxurious feeling on my lips, I love it so much I bought so many more in this particular flavor my family look at me like I’m silly 🤣I can’t help it, my granddaughter and mom love it too. I’m officially an Eclair Lips piña colada lover 🤗

I love the scent

I love that this is more cheesecake with a hint of apple pie, rather than overpowering apple.

Great balance of scents

I love the combination of lemon and coconut, I found it to be a lot more of a smoother/rounder scent with the added coconut in comparison to the other lemon chapstick (both still great!)

My FAVORITE Flavor so far!

I will be honest- I was the most apprehensive of this flavor when I first ordered my last bundle, but it legitimately became my favorite of my whole collection! Love the slight coffee scent it brings and it smells exactly like a good warm latte.

Great Chapstick as always!

I have a good collection going, and the texture has always been great.

Candy Tart Lip Balm
Lynn Bellas
Fantastic lip balm!!

I buy a LOT of lip balms. I like a lip balm that’s not too hard, yet not too soft to melt or squish. The consistency is perfect & feels great on your lips. Highly recommend!!


It’s calm my soul. I take regular sniff of the lipstick. The power of the odor work with this one!

First Order

Have only opened the Cotton Candy Ice Cream Lip Balm but if the rest are like this, I'm in love! So smooth and creamy feeling on your lips and lasts well. Smells like it's eatable!! Have been using natural balms for years and these are up there with my favs!!

Maple Fudge Lip Balm
Jackson Andrew
Smells Delicious

It smells so sweet and the perfect balance between maple and fudge

Peach Pie Lip Balm
Jacquelyn Gee

Peach Pie Lip Balm

Nourishing Smooth Balm with Comforting Scent

This scent is really nice. It’s not too overpowering. The balm is great and nourishing. I would recommend to anyone.

Absolutely Wonderful

I love how peachy this lip balm is. This is one of my niece's favorites.

One of My Favorites

I honestly can not get enough of this lip balm. This, banana cream pie, and cotton candy ice cream are my three all time favorites.

Absolutely Wonderful

The formula used to make these lip balms are amazing.

Delicious and Hydrating

This is one of my favorites.

Exfoliating Lip Balm - Cherry Limeade

Yummy and moisturizing!

Yummy cherry flavor and the smooth and moisturizing texture is amazing. I highly recommend this lip balm.

Vanilla Latte Lip Balm
Courtney Hudnall
So luxurious!

I am thoroughly impressed with this lip balm! That it smells great is just a fantastic bonus!

Raspberry Sorbet lip balm
Michelle Yaniskivis Yaniskivis
My new favorite!

I absolutely LOVE this flavor. It brings me right back to teenage summertime! Hot sun, the beach, and no responsibilities.


Even the dog is flipping out trying to sniff my lips!

possibly my fave

I can't decide - all the lip balms smell fantastic & not overpowering.