Re-framing the deal-breakers

Feeding newborns gives you a lot of time to do quiet things, like binge watch Dexter on Netflix (but only when your other kid is sleeping, cause, well, Dexter.) or finding a ridiculous amount of kids activities on Pinterest that you'll later learn really AREN'T no-mess OR easy. Ok maybe that was just me.

It was also a great time to just zone out and let my mind wander while I held that cuddly baby. But it always came back to this one thing: I really should start that lip balm business. Why was my brain doing this?!! I mean really. It was not a practical time, logistically or financially and hellooooo, I just had a baby! But the idea wouldn't let up.

I had actually dreamed of starting my own business since I was a teen, but always felt I didn't have the right idea, that it wasn't the right time, that I didn't have the money... So many reasons. There would surely be a day where all the things would fall into place and the timing would be right, and *that's* when I would do it. But after the girls came, something really sobering occurred to me: I was going to be raising these little people for many years to come, and if I really believed that all these reasons I kept coming up were deal-breakers, it would mean putting off all of my dreams until my kids were grown. I know that a lot of times, we're taught as women that this is the right thing to do - put your kids first, make sacrifices etc... but the idea of quieting the excitement inside of me was unbearable, and I was pretty sure I'd be a sucky human, not to mention mom, if I went that route.

So that year on my 36th birthday, I decided I would go for it and slowly started working on a plan. There was so much to do and so many obstacles - I would get discouraged and overwhelmed some days, but I was surprised that my excitement would always kick back in.

Ok your turn now! Have you ever surprised yourself by having the guts to do something you never imagined you could?