Our Story

Since launching in 2015, Eclair Lips has developed a fiercely loyal customer base - who gets just as excited about each new flavour as we do!

The nostalgia of my teen years is one of the huge inspirations behind Eclair Lips. I want you to feel as giddy as 14-year-old me with a fistful of yummy new lip balms when you finally tear into your order. 

And the flavors? They’re inspired by all that is good in the world: desserts, candy, chocolate, ice cream and I wouldn’t dare forget about the coffee! 

As for our formula, it’s made of natural ingredients that would get a thumbs up from even the choosiest mom bloggers out there. Not to mention it’s one of the richest + creamiest around, so you can bet that one swipe will have your lips basking in moisture for hours.