Luscious lip balms for lovely humans

100% Natural • Delectably Flavored • Handmade in Canada • May Cause Unexpected Happiness

You’ve gotta keep your lips moisturised in cold or hot or windy weather, right?

But who decided lip balm should be so… sensible?

We say “pfffffft” to boring sensible-ness and “YAY!” to fun, fantastical flavors that’ll keep your lips happy while also brightening your mood, all while keeping it natural.


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The Start Here Bundle

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Discover a bunch of delicious lip treats while taking a trip down nostalgia lane.
Cherry? Grape? Vanilla? Peach? Bubblegum? We love them all, and you will too.

But it's no secret, we have favorites!

Oh, you know the drill when it comes to lip balm.

✔ Keep lips moisturised

✔ Easy to pop in your pocket or purse

✔ Part of your daily routine

But at Eclair Lips, we wanted more. For you.

  Like your 3rd grade teacher who saw “such promise” and your grandma who believes you should be Prime Minister, all rolled into one. So, we give you more:  

✨ More amazing flavors (we’ve created over 100 so far!)

✨ Simple as dimples online shopping

✨ Totally natural, cruelty-free ingredients

✨ Nifty and cute LippyClips® so you can attach your balm to your bag or belt loop (because lip balm does not need added purse lint!)

✨ A little slice of happiness and love for everybody (‘cos you deserve it)

“I've become absolutely obsessed with Eclair Lips…” - Courtney
“I have 6 on the go at all times…” - Evelyn

And I thought I was the lip balm fanatic around here!

I’m Sylvie, and I’m the Director of Quirkiness at Eclair Lips – a juicy project I started that now involves my husband Mario and our girls, as well. I can’t deny it – the quality of these balms is pretty great. It’s not just about the flavors (which, good luck picking your fav, ‘cos there’s so many!) but about backing it up with super nourishing ingredients that make your smoocher feel unreal.

Bonus: there’s no animal testing involved. I mean, unless you count humans.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it and our two guinea pigs prefer celery.

🍃 100% Natural Ingredients
🐇 Cruelty Free
🇨🇦 Handmade in Canada
❤️ Woman-Led & Family Owned