Which countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to Canada and the US only.

How much is shipping?

You can find detailed information on shipping here. 

Where are you located?

Eclair Lips Inc. is located in Moncton, NB where we mix up the most mouth-watering flavours by hand using all natural ingredients!

What currency is your pricing in?

We offer pricing in both CAD and USD! Our site automatically detects which country you’re in and selects the appropriate currency. If you’d like to manually change it, you can find the toggle in the footer or the header.

Do you do corporate gifting?

We do! You can get more information by emailing us at info@eclairlips.com 

Are your products peanut/dairy/gluten/egg/dairy/fish free? 

While we don’t specifically add any peanut/dairy/gluten/egg or fish products to our formulations, some of our ingredients may have come into contact with these allergens while being processed by one of our suppliers.

Do your lip balms contain soy?

Since the Vitamin E we use is suspended in soy, our lip balms do contain a small amount of it. 

Do your lip balms contain allergens?

Unfortunately we cannot 100% confirm that our lip balms do not contain certain natural ingredients. Using cinnamon as an example, although we don't add cinnamon to any of our products, we do use natural flavorings that are made with components that could include cinnamon. Because the ingredients of the flavorings are considered to be a trade secret, our supplier cannot give us the complete breakdown of what is included in each one, only what they can certify is not found in the flavorings, and cinnamon is not on that list. So when a customer has a sensitivity, we recommend that they be cautious. Especially if a certain flavor (ex. chai) is known to have cinnamon or another spice in the actual real-life version, the flavoring very well could contain elements of that food that could cause irritation and we recommend avoiding those flavors. 

Are your lip balms vegan?

Since our formula contains beeswax, it is not considered vegan. Otherwise though, the rest of our ingredient list is vegan.

Do your lip balms contain preservatives?

One thing you’ll notice is that Eclair Lips is preservative free – woot! By sticking to a formula of strictly oils, waxes and butters that don’t require preservation, and giving them an extra little shelf-life boost with Vitamin E, we can keep things simple and natural.

Are you lip balms sweetened?

Our lip balms aren't, but our exfoliating lip balms are since sugar is primary ingredient.

Why don't you sweeten all your lip balms?

Call us old-fashioned, but we believe that lip balms should moisturize your lips, and if we sweeten our regular balms, we're pretty sure you'd be licking it off all day which wouldn't exactly be great for moisture. 

Because sugar is a great exfoliant though, we use it in our exfoliating balms. Since you won't be using those as often, a little licking won't do any harm, and you can always follow up with one of our unsweetened balms once you've buffed your lips to perfection. 

Are your lip balms non-comedogenic?

Our products do contain coconut oil and cocoa butter which are considered comedogenic. However comedogenic ingredients are usually not as much of a concern with lip products as with facial moisturizers for example since the pores on our lips are not prone to clogging and lip balms are designed to nourish and protect their delicate skin. If you have had issues in the past with coconut oil or cocoa butter on the area surrounding your lips however, our formulation might not be the best for your particular needs.

My lip balm is softer/harder than expected - what's going on?

Our lip balms are made of natural ingredients that may change consistency when stored above or below room temperature, so it's normal that they may be softer or harder when you receive them or if you store them in a warm or cold environment. If lip balm melts or softens, place it in the fridge for 15 minutes to re-solidify. If a lip balm has hardened, store it at room temperature (between 18-22 degrees Celsius) for an hour. These changes in consistency are normal and to be expected!

My lip balm turned lumpy/grainy? Is that normal?

This is a normal occurrence too! Cocoa butter can recrystallize after melting and re-hardening, causing your lip balm to develop a grainy or lumpy texture. While you can keep using your lip balm in this state, you can try to avoid it by keeping your lip balm somewhere with a consistent temperature. Lip balms kept in coat pockets are particularly susceptible to this consistency change.

My lip balm went through the wash! Is it safe to use? 

We're able to make sure products we make in-house are safe since we have a very specific set of protocols that we follow, but unfortunately, when something like this happens once it's in a customer's hands, it's hard for us to guarantee its safety. If you're unsure about using it, it's best to play it safe and toss it.