Where to Get a Lip Balm Tray or Labelling Machine

If you're looking for a tray or a labeling machine similar to what we have, I can't give you the exact supplier. But I'd love to help you get started on finding those things for yourself!

The biggest hurdle that I faced was knowing what these things were actually called so that I could Google them. So if you're looking for a tray, try googling “lip balm filling tray” and add the word “large” or “small” depending on what you need. And for the labeling machine, try “lip balm labeler,” “lip balm applicator for lip balm,” or even “small bottle labeler”. Guaranteed - that will get you some really specific search results and you'll be able to choose the one that best meets your needs. If you need to know more than that though, I am unfortunately not the resource for you. It basically comes down to boundaries, and only having so much energy.

We run a lip balm brand and while I talk a lot about how we make our products because our customers are really curious, I'm not a business coach that teaches other people how to make lip balm or how to run businesses. Maybe I could be a coach, but that's a whole other career, and it's one that I would expect to be paid for that I don't have any interest in right now.

But is answering a comment or a DM asking me a quick business question or really doing business coaching? Well, on the surface it seems like it would take two minutes of my time, but I've learned that it often opens the floodgates to a bunch of other questions that take a lot of time to answer. When we first went viral, we got SO many of these types of questions as well as other actual customer service questions too, so I had to choose - did I want to help everyone and burned myself and my team out, or focused on the things that are actually related to my brand, that make money to pay the salaries of everyone at our company?

So, I made a rule that I just don't answer business coaching-type questions, and instead, I send people to a blog post that I wrote that gives them resources where they can find that type of info. I can't be everything to everyone, so I focus my energy on things that are my priorities; my family, my staff, my customers, and taking good care of myself.

Some people think I'm not nice because of it, but believe me, I'm actually a much nicer person when I'm not trying to be everything to everyone.

You can read the blog post I mentioned here: Business Questions: It's Complicated