A Product Isn't Just An Ingredients List

I feel like I've had several people ask what makes my brand different from others, and I think that what they don't understand is that you don't need to reinvent the wheel as a business in order to be viable.

In our case, I know that lip balm isn't a new idea. And yes, our ingredient list is similar to lots of others on the market. But in 2014, I started making my own because I couldn't find the perfect texture in a natural lip balm that also had fun flavors and cute packaging, and I was excited at the idea of running a business to do things my way.

A lot of other brands have since come along and there is room for all of us. But each one of us does it a little differently from the formula ingredients, the flavor themes, our production methods, our company's values, our brands' personalities, and how we do our marketing.

There's so much more to selling a product than just inventing something new. It's about providing an experience that others value.

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