Are Our Shipping Rates Crazy?

I got a comment from someone saying our shipping rates were crazy, and I wanted to talk about that.

With so many big online retailers offering free shipping, it's easy to think that shipping a package doesn't really cost much. But it does cost money, and because small businesses ship fewer packages that large companies do, we don't get the same volume discounts.

We work really hard at Eclair Lips to keep shipping as affordable as possible. So, we offer free shipping on orders over $30. If you're less than that, we have a flat rate shipping costs of just $4 to Canada and $7 to the US because that's what it actually costs us to ship a smaller order.

Free shipping is pretty much like a discount, and it's hard for us to give a $4 or $7 discount on a smaller order below $30.

It gets especially complicated when we're running promos. If we give free shipping on small orders and then a customer uses a coupon code, we could easily end up losing money. And it's hard to stay in business that way!