Can You Shop for a Living?

Are you ready for the next chapter in my story?!! Meet Grade 13 Sylvie (yes, I am old enough to have been in Grade 13). She has better hair than Grade 9 Sylvie (see, I told you) and she's also come out of her shell a little. It's almost the end of the school year and she's excited about prom and finally getting to wear that dress she obsessed about for months (I still think it's awesome, for the record)
What she was not excited about was going to University. Because she's smart, Sylvie has been told she should do something scienc-ey or math-ish with her life. Except that Sylvie is already sick of both of those. Uh oh. A few months into University and two dropped courses later (yeah, I'm talking about you Physics and C++ Programming!), a friend (Hi Kelly!) asks her a mind-blowing question: what would she do is she could literally do *anything* at all? Let us put aside the fact that Sylvie couldn't dream this far without being prompted by someone else first for a sec and go straight to her answer; because she’s a smart ass, Sylvie rolls her eyes and says "I would go shopping!". And you see, sometimes, it's good to be honest, because at that moment, it was pointed out to her that there was such a job as a fashion buyer for a store. Mind. Blown. A year later, she was in Toronto in a Fashion & Cosmetic marketing program at Humber College. But don't worry. She brought her stash of lip balm with her