Did I Just Leak My Recipe?

In short, the answer is no. But that'll make more sense once I explain the difference between a recipe and a listing of ingredients.

In my videos, I'll often mention some of the ingredients we use. And if you visit our website or look at a product label, you'll find a full list of everything that goes inside of our products. That's what's considered an ingredient list and by law, we have to share it with customers so they can make an educated choice about their purchase and avoid any allergens. A recipe, however, will tell you exactly how much of each ingredient to use - and that's proprietary information that we don't share.

It's kind of like if I take four people and I give them each some butter, eggs, flour, sugar and milk, and baking powder and I told them to make something we might end up with four cakes but we might also get some cookies, pie grass biscuits and so many other things depending on how much of each ingredient they use and the techniques they use to blend them together.

Curious about our ingredients list? You can check out our Ingredients & Allergens page here: Ingredients & Allergens