Do My Kids Think I'm Cool?

Someone asked if my kids think it's cool that we run a lip balm business. And, the answer is no.

It's pretty much the only thing that they've ever known because we've been doing this for so long, so they don't think it's special at all. And they don't even get excited about free lip balm!

Unless, of course ,they're the free lip balms they get from the dentist. They make such a big fuss about those, and kind of wonder if they do it on purpose just to get to me. Well done kids, it works!

They do enjoy my videos though, and my cool factor went up a couple notches when I gained a lot of followers on social media. Apparently it's way cooler to tell other kids that your mom is a TikToker or a YouTuber, rather than someone who runs a lip balm manufacturing company.