My Hot Shot Photography Moment

One of my very first college assignments resulted in this photo.

I had a photo styling course as part of my curriculum, and just a few weeks into it, we were living the dream: we got to style a *real* photo shoot! With a *real* photographer! That we had to pay ourselves with our own *real* (or perhaps borrowed) money. The studio was also in a *real* sketchy neighborhood. But I only realized that a couple years later, so it was all good. Anyways, I immediately recognized this assignment for what it was: an excuse to buy more lip balm! I don't remember where I got the sand, sparkles, plastic raspberries and stars but I was so excited about my cosmic theme and knew it would be just amazing! After getting the photos back a few weeeks later though (these were pre-digital days people), I realized *maybe* the styling part of the biz wasn't my forte. Which is ok. I was already loving all of the marketing and business courses and still dreaming of becoming a buyer in some big fashion head office. What was the dream job you were shooting for in your late teens? Did it happen?