How Long Does It Take For Lip Balm To Harden?

I shared some footage recently where you could see lip balm solidifying as I was working in the background and people were surprised to see that it sets up so quick!

It actually just takes about three minutes for the lip balm to go from a liquid to completely solid. Although the melted lip balm might look like it's really hot, it really isn't. I actually have to make sure that the pitchers that we pour into are warmed-up first because otherwise, the lip balm can start to solidify along the sides really quickly. 

Once I started pouring, the lip balm is dispersed into the tubes, which makes it cool down even faster because of the space, and therefore air, between the tubes that brings the temperature down. They start to solidify when they're just below body temperature, so they don't actually have a long way to go temperature-wise to go from liquid to solid. 

And no, there's no big fan blowing on them to speed up the process because it's already so quick!