How I Stay Positive Despite the Negative Comments

While I do my best to make respectful videos that address some of the criticism I get, I have to get myself in the right frame of mind to do it, which isn't always easy when people are mean. But there's a few things that I do that helped me.

For starters, I never respond to things in the moment if I'm irritated. My goal is to share videos that are helpful and kind, and it's easier to do that if I'm calm.

I also realized that most of the comments are from people who've been triggered by my videos because it challenges their beliefs about what's acceptable or not. I had to challenge a lot of my own limiting beliefs to grow my business, and when I make a video about that topic, I try to word it in the way I would if I was talking to a younger version of myself.

The one thing that encourages me most though, is reminding myself that there's someone out there who's getting similar criticism that might be helped by seeing me address it on my channel.

But if people are mean or insulting, I don't think twice about hitting the block button for the sake of my mental health!