How Long Does It Take For Orders To Ship?

How long does it take for orders to ship? We've gotten that question from a lot of new customers lately, and I wanted to give you all the scoop on that!

It actually takes between one to five business days for us to ship out an order, and whether it's one day or five days will depend on a couple of things.

If we've had a huge surge of orders, odds are that it'll be closer to that five-day mark because we're a small team, and we don't have extra staff to fill in on those busy days. But under normal circumstances, we ship about two to three times a week.

If your order comes in just as we're packing up our next batch, it might ship out that day. But if it comes in just after we finished shipping a batch, it might be a few more days before it goes out.

And when your order does ship, you'll get an handy little email letting you know that your package is on it's way!