How Long Have I Been Making Lip Balm?

Someone asked me when I started making lip balm and how many hours I work.

So, I started making lip balm at home for myself and as gifts for friends and family in 2013. All the while thinking it might be really cool to start a business doing that, which is what I ended up doing in 2015!

As for how many hours I work, that's changed a bit over the years. When I first started, I was also working a full time job, and my two kids were one and three years old. I would work on the business at night after they went to bed often for about five hours, and I got super burnout.

Nowadays, I try to keep things to about eight hours a day, Monday to Friday. But outside of that, I find it really hard to shut down my brain and not think about business stuff. I'll be in the shower and get all these ideas and run to write them down before I forget them. It's a weird spot to be in.

I really love what I do and it energizes me, but my brain really needs a break from time to time too and it's hard to tear away when I'm hyper focused.