How Many Lip Balms Can I Make in a Day?

I get this question a lot - how many lip balms can I make in a day? 

I don't make this number every day, but we have 15 filling trays and each one of them holds 225 tubes. On days when we use them all, we can make 3375 lip balms. It's definitely a team effort ,and there are usually two or three of us working consistently to get that many lip balms made. 

If you take a peek at the video below, you’ll see a large batch of Banana Cream Pie lip balm. It's part of our Start Here Bundle that we give first-time customers a discount on, so we sell a whole lot of them. I filled five trays at once, and what I scrape off the top of those trays was remelted to fill another two trays, for a total batch of 1575 lip balms. 

Sounds like a lot, right?

The larger the batch, the quicker it goes because once the trays are scraped off, someone else can take over to get started on capping them while we wait for the excess to melt so that I can pour more lip balms.

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