How Many Lip Balms Do I Own?

People often ask how many lip balms I have in my personal collection, and it might surprise you, but I only have about a dozen of them, which I don’t think is all that many considering I run a lip balm company! But the funny thing is that a lot of them are the same flavor (yeah, I’m one of those people who likes having things the same)!

Vanilla Latte is one of those flavors, and it is part of our Winter 2023 lineup. Did I bring it back because customers love it, or was it cause my personal stash is running low? It might be a bit of both!

We’ve actually made this flavor as our surprise lip balm a few times this past year - hey, I’ll use any excuse to make more when I’m running low - and so many people who got it in their orders commented that they loved it, so I’m hoping it will be a hit now that it’s up for grabs in the shop.

If you want to try it out, get one now before they sell out. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until I work my way through my stash and we need to make more!