How Often Do I Make Lip Balm?

So how often do I make lip balm? That has changed a lot through the years. At first, I made a few dozen tubes every month or so because I was just starting out, and I really didn't sell that many.

After a few years, I got to a point where I was making lip balm every week. I was the only person working for the business then, and I had a cycle where I'd make lip balm one day, label it the next day, ship out all the orders the day after that, and then I'd work on my marketing stuff the other days. It was always go, go, go, and I decided to invest in some equipment that would allow me to make larger batches, so that I could get more lip balm made at once but only have to do it every few weeks because I didn't have the budget to hire staff back then.

Last year, I upgraded my equipment again, and I was able to scale production so that I could make lip balm maybe once or twice a month, but then make a few thousand each time.

But this year I was finally in a position to hire Lesley, and she now makes most of the lip balm. She makes a few hundred every day, and I get to focus on the marketing and business development side of things which I really love!