How to Use Our Exfoliating Lip Balm

You know, I thought it would be a perfect day to talk about our exfoliating lip balms! 

Our exfoliating lip balms looks just like a regular lip balm, but when you open it up you'll notice from the texture like it's got like little sugar crystals in it. There's not enough sugar to scratch or irritate your lips, but just enough to buff out any roughness or dry skin.

You just put some on like a regular lip balm, but it won't go on like smooth,regular lip balm because it's got the sugar and it's not supposed to be smooth. Once you've got some on your lips, just start rubbing them together. Sometimes it takes a bit of time, but what happens is that the sugar it starts to dissolve as it's buffing away the skin.

A lot of other lip scrubs or exfoliating lip balms come in a little pot, and you scoop some out, rub it on your lips, and then have to wipe the rest off. I always found that when you wipe the access off, you also wipe off a lot of the butter that could be moisturizing your lips.

What's cool about our exfoliating lip balm, you can just keep rubbing your lips together until all of the sugar is dissolved onto your lips and then all that's left is actually lip balm! And since you don't have to wipe it off, it's perfect like if you want to keep it in your bag.

So that's how it works! A lot of people have been loving it because it's almost like a two-in-one - you get the exfoliation, but then your lips feel really nice from the left over lip balm. 

Bonus - since our exfoliating lip balms contain sugar, you'll find they have a bit more flavor than our regular lip balms!

If an exfoliating lip balms sounds right up your alley, you can shop them here: Exfoliating Lip Balms

Need some visuals to see how these exfoliating lip balms work? I filmed a video a few months back that has you covered: