How We Advertise

How do we advertise? And how has that changed as our business grew?

In the early years, there was one big requirement for any type of advertising or marketing that I wanted to do, and that was it had to be free. I had very little budget, so I stuck to posting on social media and sending a newsletter about once a month. I would also do markets every once in a while, which were not free and didn't always give me a very good return on my investment either.

My first attempt at paid social media ads felt like I was flushing money down the toilet, and I eventually decided to invest in an affordable course to learn how to do them properly. We do some paid ads nowadays, but the two advertising activities that are most successful for us are these videos and email marketing, which is another area I decided to take a course in and I just love it.

The good news is that those two things are really affordable for people with a small budget, and taking the time to learn and putting things into practice can bring great results if you're consistent, observant, and give things a little bit of time!