How We Clean Our Equipment

I got this question a few times: How do we clean these giant lip balm trays that have all just been coated and wax and oil? 

Well as you can imagine, this used to be a really big source of stress bring back when we were a home-based business. The dishwasher in my kitchen couldn't get hot enough to clean all of my equipment properly, so I had to scrub each piece including the trees by hand with a tiny little brush that fits into the holes. And I had to go over it multiple times because usually, one pass wasn't enough. 

I still cringe just thinking about it.

While I was nervous about doing it, I eventually took out a business loan buy a commercial dishwasher. In two minutes, it washes a full load and it gets so hot that it instantly melts any residue and washes it all away. It cleans, it sanitizes, and it was worth every single penny I spent on it. I still scrape off any big chunks, but otherwise, the machine takes care of the rest and it's really a thing of beauty!

Once it's all washed, I hang all the trays on hooks to dry and we store all of the other equipment on shelves so we can air dry too. Because everything is so hot when it comes out of the dishwasher, it doesn't take long to dry at all. 

Seriously, if you're not careful when you open it you can give yourself a heck of a scorching facial if you stick your face in there before the steam dissipates.

And that's the scoop on how we get all of our equipment nice-n-clean!