How We Help Groups Fundraise With Lip Balm

Have you ever seen anyone fundraising by selling lip balms? Probably not, which is what makes Eclair Lips such a fun and unique option for schools, groups, and non-profits.

By registering with our fundraising program, organizations can order lip balms at a lower cost and earn a profit for each one they sell. Since they're 100% natural, useful, and different from the usual snacks people often sell for fundraisers, our lip balms are easy sell and we're so excited to see all sorts of groups reaching their fundraising goals with our products!

We provide order forms and flyers that they can print-out to make it easy for their entire group to sell and keep track of their orders.

Once the organizer submits their final order, we get to work packing up the lip balms just like you see in the video below.

Want more information on our fundraising program? Check out our fundraising website!