I'm perfectly happy with my "gross" nails

Some of the mean comments I get on social media are actually a really good opportunity to bring a bit of awareness to Body Focussed Repetitive Behaviours, which is the reason my nails look like you see in the video below.

I’m autistic, and I have some repetitive behaviours or stims, and one of them is that I push and pick at the cuticles of my thumbs to the point that I’ve permanently damaged my nail beds and this is just how my nails have been growing in for the past 40 years.

They’ve been seen by many doctors over the years, and it’s something I was so ashamed about for the first half of my life, because people could be so mean to me about it. But this is just how my thumbs look. I love how as I age, I’m so much more comfortable in my own skin, imperfections and all.

I have another Body Focussed Repetitive Behaviour called Trichotillomania, which means that I pick and even pull out some of my hair. You don’t see it on my videos, but I have a patch of short prickly hair on the top of my head.

I think each person who goes through this has their own personal feelings about it. In my case, I’m happy to answer respectful questions, but if you’re tempted to share medical advice or cures, I respectfully ask that you not do that.