Is Good Customer Service a Business Cost?

I got a really interesting question on a video where I was talking about business costs that a lot of folks don't consider. The viewer was wondering why I consider customer service to be a cost - am I just paying people to be nice?

Well, I think we've all had instances where we've dealt with a company and felt like they didn't really care about us at all. And I think we've also had instances where a company went above and beyond help us, but great customer service isn't something that just happens.

You have to put your money where your mouth is and dedicate a staff member's time and resources to it, especially as a company grows. The person needs to be a good fit for our brand, be great with people, and have been trained in all our systems to be able to not just answer questions about our products, but help people with all sorts of things from changing an order, to helping with lost or damaged packages. 

Basically, we value our customers and we value our staff members, and we make sure that they're paid and equipped to treat our customers according to our high standards.