Lightning Lips??

Today's Story: The Name.

The thing about businesses (and well, most things actually) is that they need a name. I expected to agonize over it, like we did for the name of our second baby (her first health card actually listed her name as Baby Girl cause we still hadn't made up our minds when she was born!)

I knew a few things right from the start.
1. I wanted my business to be only lip balm. Many people told me (and still tell me) that I was nuts, and I didn't care.
2. They were going to be fun, dessert flavoured lip balms. I almost went for an all-chocolate theme, but my sister convinced me otherwise we have her to thank for that.
3. This was the more woo-woo part: lip balm = joy + fun for me and I even believe that it brightens my day and I wanted to do the same for my customers.

I sat and brainstormed ideas, tried to imagine every dessert known to mankind and then fell on eclair. Yes - like the french pastry (or in my case, the long, cream-filled donut with sprinkles I used to eye at the coffee shop as a kid).

It was one of those great moments were I knew in my gut it was right: it hit on the dessert idea perfectly, but not only that, it captured the idea of light. The French word "éclair" signifies light and lightning. It was perfect.

And so the hunt for a logo began. Because my budget (or lack thereof) was pretty conservative, I started my search on Etsy and was excited to find a few contenders there. I chose the one you see here - I loved the font and circle and imagined how it could symbolize the sun and light that I wanted to reflect in my name.

And so for $25, I had my company logo, and although this baby will be retired in just a few weeks time, it has served me well, and I'm so happy to share the story behind it as I prepare to bid it a fond farewell.

So tell me, what is the best thing you have ever bought on Etsy? Please keep in mind there are no bonus points for saying Eclair Lips. ;-)