Same Ingredients, Different Lip Balm?

It’s true, most of the lip balms out there have a lot of the same ingredients.

In many ways, cosmetic formulation is a lot like baking. No matter what kind of cookie you're making, you're going to need a few of the same basic things like eggs, flour, and sugar for pretty much any recipe.

Lip Balm is the same. Most formulations will include waxes, oils, butter,  and flavor. While there are many ingredients available within those categories, most companies use a lot of the same ones because we know they work well, just like a baker knows what it takes to make a good cookie.

But you can use all the same ingredients and still come up with two completely different products just by changing the ratio of each one. Again like baking, you can completely change the type of cookie you get if you use more or less butter or more or less flour, etc.

So I guess you can say that it's not so much that we each have a secret ingredient but that we have our own secret blend of ingredients.

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