The Most Bizzare Lip Balm I Tried to Make

I actually have this not-so-secret dream of starting another line of lip balm with ridiculous and gross flavors.

Honestly, the one thing that's holding me back is that most of the flavors that I want to create can't be pulled off with the natural flavorings that I use. But at one point I found a natural garlic flavoring and I ordered it. I would hear on the East Coast in Canada that donairs are a popular food and they have this sweet garlicky sauce on them and I thought it would be so amusing to make a donair sauce lip balm But I changed my mind quickly when I got the flavoring. Oh my God, that stuff was so strong! You could smell it before even opening the bottle.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I would ever do it but I like to pretend that I would in my head!