The Reason I'm Happy To Do What I Love

I often hear people say they wake up every day excited and happy because they run a business they love. And while I hope that's true for them, I wanted to share my experience in case it makes anyone feel less alone. 

I'm really glad I chose to start my own business and I can't imagine myself doing anything else. But while it's fun and rewarding, I think the real reason it's so important for me to love what I do is that it's also really hard, and loving it helps me hang in there when things are stressful.

I know that if it was any other business, I would have likely been tempted to give up by now. But loving what I do makes me want to keep trying, even when it's scary or my ideas flop. I've stumbled and picked myself back up so many times in the seven years I've been doing this, something that would have been hard to do without the passion I have for this business.