The Secret About our Candy Cane Ice Cream Lip Balm

I don't think I'll be ruining any surprises if I tell you that one of the holiday flavors we launched on October 19 was Candy Cane Ice Cream.

But what some of you might be surprised to find out is that we actually have this flavor in the shop all year round! It has always been such a popular holiday lip balm that we used to get emails all year from people asking if we still had some left somewhere in the back.

So we decided to make it a permanent thing! We call it Vanilla Mint Milkshake, and then we dress it up in our Candy Cane Ice Cream label when the holidays roll around.

We're not sneaky about it - we mentioned it right in the product description! And we also have a list of other Flavor Twins for that lip balm, which are other products that have the same flavor but a different label.

You can find all of our Vanilla and Mint lip balms by clicking here