The Very Boring Secret To My Success

So what's the secret to my success? It's a question I get a lot, especially since I've been in business making only lip balm for eight years now.

People are often flabbergasted that we're busy enough to have a team of four full time employees and growing. And I honestly wondered the same thing about other businesses in my early days.

Then I was kind of shocked to realize in the past few years that secret to my success, just sticking with it. Day after day, year after year, I just show up and I do my best. Sometimes there are win, and there are often mistakes, but every single day, I learned stuff and I keep trying to improve on what we do.

And while it would be cool to think that I could just write a handbook and go back in time to give it to Sylvie circa 2015, I'm not sure it would help because all of this gradual learning has really shaped me into the person I am today.

Learning and growing as a process but short takes a lot of time, but I honestly love it and I think that that's been the key to my success!