This is me in GRADE NINE BABY!

With all of the rebrand excitement happening here, I’ve found myself telling the story behind Eclair Lips pretty often lately. In true Sylvie fashion, it’s a L-O-O-O-N-G one, but one that is near and dear to my heart. So I thought I would have some fun over the next few weeks and serve it up to you in bite-size-chunks! Starting with this one! Say hello to Sylvie circa 1993! This is me in Grade 9,baby! Yes, I was a HUGE Barenaked Ladies fan, super shy, kind of awkward and I had bad hair. But don't worry, I got a Friends' haircut in grade 11 (it was « The Rachel ») and have been rockin' great do's ever since.

I spent my days following rules and my evenings doing homework and reading teen magazines. I didn't realize it, but those magazines filled with pictures of boy bands, dating advice and beauty tips were shaping a lot of what I believed. One of those beliefs was that if I wanted to kiss a boy, I had better make sure that my lips were soft, tasted of cherries or Dr. Pepper and that I practice my technique on the back of my hand. As I know now, lip balm is pretty much the last thing on a dude's mind before a kiss, but you know, live and learn. That's ok though, because loitering in the cosmetics aisle to pick out yet another new lip balm soon became one of my favorite things to do. You know, when I wasn't busy kissing all those boys I couldn't even muster up the courage to talk to. Over the years, I gathered quite the collection, and it soon became less about the boys and more about the fun of these yummy smelling tubes. And when I get a whiff of a smell that’s similar to one of my early favorites, it's just the most perfect moment of nostalgia! What were you like in Grade 9? And most importantly, what kind of lip balm was in your pocket?!!