We Know There Are Cheaper Lip Balms

People often leave me comments telling me how they can get a drugstore brand lip balm for less than one of ours.

And I just wanted to let you all know that this isn't exactly a surprise to me.

I'm well aware that there are a lot of other more inexpensive lip balm options out there. But I think that what these people don't understand is that while price and getting the best deal possible is really important to some folks, it's also not the only factor that motivates people to buy.

Like with every product in this world, there are a variety of lip balms out there at all sorts of different price points and there are customers for each one of them. I understand and respect that not everyone will want to buy our products and the price might very well keep people looking for the lowest price away from my brand.

And that's okay.

But please understand and respect that my product, just like every other small businesses product, might be just what another person is looking for. The value of what we provide resonates with those people, and they'll be happy to pay the prices that we charge.

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