What are "Discontinued Collections"?

Not long after I started Eclair Lips, people started asking me for lip balms for their kids, their husbands... I mean, our main collection is perfectly safe for kids, and, dare I say, even for husbands. But I got it. People were hoping for the reassurance that comes with knowing your lip balm is made just for kids. And an aesthetic that might appeal to the dudes a little more.

What resulted was a few different collections. So, same amazing formula, some delicious flavors, but when I made a batch, not every tube was necessarily getting the same label. Our Banana Cream Pie lip balm for instance, once had a kids collection "twin" called Monkey Giggles.

Anyways, it's not that it was a bad idea, but over the years, I realized that most people bought lip balms for kids or their spouses around the holidays, and during the rest of the year, we didn't sell a whole lot of them. So while we still have some items from these collections that we bring back to the shop every Christmas, there are a lot of variations that we don't make on a regular basis anymore.

But the fun part about being a business owner is that you don't always know these things at the beginning. And because you are optimistic for your little baby idea, you order thousands and thousands of labels for these products, that are now just sitting on a shelf, making you wonder what on earth you were thinking. 

So every now and then, we try to have some fun and make a batch or two to use up some of these labels. And this time around, it our Jumbo Surprise Bag event happening on June 11, 2024. We've actually made 8 different flavors that will mostly feature these discontinued labels, and they are available at an amazing price. 

Since we make these ahead of time, there's a limited number of bags, so make sure to get on our mailing list to be notified the second they're available because we're expecting these to go really fast.