What is a Flavor Twin?

I recently mentioned that we have "flavor twins" - lip balms that are the exact same flavor but have different labels - and there were a lot of questions!

So it all started a couple of years ago when we had a lot of folks asking for kids' lip balms. Now, our lip balms have always been perfect for kids, but people just wanted to see them packaged in a way that would appeal to kids a little bit more. So we created the Kids Collection, but rather than inventing new flavors, the ones that we thought kids would love the most were the ones we were already making. So we just went with those and created a new label for them. 

Over the years, we've added two more collections that are all flavor twins, our Cheeky Collection which has black labels with sassy sayings on them, and another that we call our Truth and Love Collection which has positive affirmations on beautiful rainbow labels.

 If you're curious to know which lip balms have twins, just have a peek at any of our product pages under the section that says “See More in the Scent”, and you'll get a full list!