Who makes our lip balm?

When I make lip balm, I’m usually working alongside my husband Mario.

At the moment, we’re the only two employees of the company, so when I need a hand, he’s my go-to person!

What usually happens is that he’ll load all the empty tubes into the tray and help me take them all out of the trays and cap them. He’s also the one that does all the labelling, from the batch codes to the tube labels to the cap labels.

I’m the one that does all the measuring, mixing, pouring and scraping. Although I did manage to coax Mario to give the lip balm scraping a try, and that's him you see scraping a drum design towards the end of the video below. 

Most of the time though, he’s the one behind the camera getting the good close ups shots while I scrape - he is always thinking of you with those camera angles!

Watch us in action here: