Why Do We Make Our Own Lip Balm Base

I've had some people asking why we make our own lip balm base when we could just buy a premade from a supplier. So, there are some pros and cons to both buying premade base, and making your own.

When it comes to buying pre made, one big advantage is that it's already made, but you can still customize it a fair bit of coloring, flavorings, and other ingredients. So, you can think of a kind of like cake mix. You can use it according to the instructions on the box and make a simple cake, but you can also add some ingredients and put your own spin on it.

When you make your own base, it means an extra step, but it also allows you to develop a formula that's unique to you and gives you complete control over all aspects of making it. So that would be more like making a cake from scratch, where you can buy any ingredient you want, from any store you want, and make the cake just the way you like it.

I really had something specific in mind for our product, and I wanted to be able to get it just the way I wanted it. And the best way for me to achieve that was to make our own base!