Why I’m Glad My Lip Balm Business Didn’t Go Viral Sooner

I know a lot of people start businesses with the hopes they’ll go viral right away, but I am honestly so glad that it didn’t happen that way for us.

Eclair Lips has been in business for 7 years now, and although our growth was steady, it always felt so slow to me. I worked hard to implement systems and make things as efficient as possible so that we could handle more growth, but I often felt kind of silly about it, like I had built this high powered machine that was always running way below capacity.

Cue January 2022 when I decided to try yet another new thing - making videos - and they took off!

This year has put every system we had to the test as we gave our all to keep up. Had this happened a few years ago, I’m not sure we would have been up to the challenge, but I’m pretty darn proud of how my little team has handled things and so excited for what the future holds for us.