Why We Can't Change Our Formula For You

We get a lot of questions about the ingredients and our lip balms, which is to be expected, and we're always happy to answer them.

But every once in a while, we'll have someone asked us if we consider changing our formula to remove an ingredient that they're allergic to. And while I understand that it can be difficult to find products you love when you have allergies, we're also not able to change our formula on a case-by-case basis as it's just not part of our business model. 

We've gotten a request to swap out pretty much every ingredient we use over the years from the beeswax to the coconut oil, vitamin E, and cocoa butter, and unfortunately, there aren't really any ingredients out there that someone doesn't have a sensitivity or objection to so if we were to change one ingredient, someone else would be affected.

So we just stick to the formula we have now. And with a little luck, those folks who can't use our product will be able to find another brand that has a formula that will be perfect for them.

Curious about our ingredients and potential allergens? You can read all about them here: Ingredients & Allergens

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