Why We Changed Our Prices

One of the interesting things about going viral is that we were faced with a huge demand for our lip balms and had to react fast.

Normally, we buy supplies a few times throughout the year, but I had to stock up on everything we use in large quantities, all at once to meet the demand. I knew prices from our suppliers had increased, but this situation was a reality check that the price we’ve been charging for our lip balms since 2019 isn’t in line with our costs in 2022, and I have to increase our prices.

It makes me a little nervous to announce it, since higher prices isn’t something folks get excited about. But as a business owner, it’s also a relief because it means that the prices I’m charging will be in line with the costs to make our product again, which keeps our business, well, in business!

So if you notice that our prices are different, that’s the scoop!