Why We Don't Add Fresh Fruit to our Lip Balm

People often suggest we add fruit to our lip balm. And while that sounds natural and delicious, real fruit will actually spoil really quickly and grow bacteria and mold unless there's a preservative to keep it from going bad. Food is food and it's going to act like food whether you plan to eat it or use it as a cosmetic.

Imagine if you stored mashed strawberries for months in a little container on your nightstand. Gross, right? Well, that's basically what would happen if we're added to a lip balm without extra preservatives.

That's actually a cool thing about our lip balms because they're made exclusively of waxes, oils and butters. They won't grow mold or bacteria since they don't contain water so we can keep them preservative free. But the minute we add fresh fruit or any other water containing ingredient, we need to completely reformulate and make sure to add a preservative.

Don't get me wrong. Preservatives have their place and are important to keep foods and other products safe. But adding food to our formula is just another way of making things complicated when we already really love the product we're making now!

We may not add fruit to our lip balm, but that doesn't stop us from creating some deliciously fruity flavors! You can check them out here: Fruity Flavors