Why We Don't Give Free Samples

I often get comments from people asking if they can have a free sample of our lip balm, and the answer is no.

First off, the cost of making a sample is too high for a small business like ours to absorb, not to mention the cost of shipping it out. It would actually cost us more to make those tiny sample size tubes that are regular size lip balm, and I feel like the risk and commitment involved with buying a lip balm is so small.

If people aren't willing to pay a few dollars to try our product. We just have to accept that the business doesn't have the budget to acquire them as a customer.

So what we do instead is offer first time customers a special promo code on our Start Here lip balm bundle. This way, we still get paid a fair price for the products we've worked so hard to make, and those new customers get to try six different lip balms over a longer period of time and really see how they like them.

Curious about that special promo on our Start Here Bundle? You can get your code here: Start Here Code