Why We Don't Send Staff to Events

While it sounds simple enough, there's actually a lot involved in sending staff to a long-distance event.

We're a tiny company, we're currently a staff of four, and two of those people are me and my husband. So if any of us are away, it means we're short staffed here.

And once you factor in the airfare, hotel stays, and shipping costs to get our product and our booth décor across the country, we're easily looking at 1000s of dollars. Not even knowing if we'll make a profit, or even break even. 

While it's true that we'll never know how successful we'll be as a particular event unless we try it, my experience with attending past events was that it wasn't a great return on the time, effort and money that I had put in.

That's not to say that they might not be great for other businesses, but they just haven't been great for us. And since we're a small family business, when things don't go well the financial burden, and the physical and mental stress, take a toll on people that are the most important to me.