Why We Only Ship to Canada and the US

People ask me all the time if we’ll start shipping to countries other than Canada and the US soon, and unfortunately it’s not something that in the cards for us right now.

It’s not so much the shipping - it’s all the research and work involved in complying with each country’s regulations, which could mean anything from making new labels in different languages to paying big fees to be allowed to sell in that region.

Some countries have very few requirements and others, like the EU, have a long list that can be expensive for small businesses who might not really end up selling that much to people in that country even if they do jump through all those hoops.

There are consultants we could hire to help us with this, but honestly, we’ve got our hands full selling to just Canada and the US, and expanding into more countries is just more than we can handle at the moment.

But I’m so grateful for all of you that follow and encourage us no matter where you are in the world. It’s just so cool to think my social media videos have travelled further than I ever will!