Will Our Lip Balms Liquify in Your Pocket?

No, our lip balms will not liquefy in your pocket. 

In order for our lip balms to glide on smoothly, the melting point is close to body temperature. But while it will allow the product to be applied easily since the part that touches your skin will soften slightly by the warmth of your body, it won't heat the entire tube enough for it to turn to liquid.

 The same thing happens with the tube in your pocket. While it will get warm, it's not the entire tube that will be heated to body temperature. So while you can expect it to be a little bit softer if you've had it in your pocket for a while, it won't turn to liquid.

Please also keep in mind that this is specifically about our products and our formulation. Each lip balm out there consists of different ingredients at varying ratios, and the expert on each different brand of lip balm is the brand itself!