What's In The Vault Event?

We're building up inventory for our Crack Open the Vault Event every day - check back to see what we add! 

Items in this collection are excluded from all promotions and coupon codes, with the exception of Eclair Lips Rewards codes.

Maple Fudge Lip Balm
Orange Cream Sorbet
Blueberry Muffin lip balm
Vanilla Latte Lip Balm
Funnel Cake Lip Balm
Maple Latte Lip Balm
Cherry Cheesecake lip balm
Apple Crisp Macchiato Lip Balm
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
Unicorn Ice Cream lip balm
Lemon Coconut Square Lip Balm
Pear Crisp Lip Balm
Lemon Cheesecake lip balm
Spiced Pear + Maple Syrup lip balm
Watermelon Gelato Lip Balm
Banana Pancake Lip Balm
Mojito Sorbet Lip Balm
Cranberry Lemon Cake Lip Balm
Hazelnut Latte Lip Balm
Peanut Butter and Jelly Lip Balm
Caramel Corn Lip Balm
Cherry Mint Milkshake
Raspberry Latte